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Cancer cells (HT29) labeled with LumiLys 780 observed by fluorescence over 21 days

Photos Alix Vignolle INSERM U 1220 IRSD

Two probes, LumiLys 670 and LumiLys 780, based on encapsulated cyanine, are available for near infrared imaging.

LumiLys 670 is excited at 647 nm and emits a strong red light (670 nm)

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LumiLys 780 is excited at 750 nm and emits an strong deep red light (780 nm)

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A new probe, LumiLys Dual 670-780, offers greater possibilities thanks to its larger Stokes shift, obtained with a partial transfer of energy (as a FRET transfer). Indeed, it includes two fluorophores excited at 650 and 750 nm and emitting at 670 and 780 nm for an easy detection both in vitro and in vivo.

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Price and Availability: These three products are available either raw or functionalized with: NH2 , COOH, PEG, Azide, Dispersant, PEG-COOH, PEG-NH2 , PEG-NHS, PEG-Biotin, Avidin, or various proteins, antibodies, request fragments. Other functionalizations are available on request. These products are available as standard in the form of dry powders.

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