Multimodal Cell Tracking

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MultiLys 780 Tobserved by fluorescence:
a) After in vitro incubation
b) After in vivo injection

Photos Julien Santelli U-INSERM 1043

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the most efficient technique for cell tracking applications due to its very good resolution of soft tissue. X-ray tomography also has a good resolving power and allows easy coupling of functional images with anatomical images.

Our multi-modal nanoprobes MultiLys 625 T, MultiLys 780 T2  and MultiLys 650 Tare optimized to label a large number of cell lines by endocytosis. After being labeled in vitro and then injected in vivo, cells can be monitored using their MRI or X-ray tomography properties and by their fluorescence. Indeed, fluorescence properties of our multimodal nanoprobes will enable you to visualize (microscopy) and quantify (flow cytometry) easily cell marking intensity , both before injection, and post-mortem on cytological sections.

* For instance you can disperse 3mg of particles in 3ml of glucose water, then dilute (1/10 to 1/50) this mother solution in your culture medium
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