Lysosomal Labeling

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Co-labeling Lysotrackers ® & LysoLys 650
a)With Lysotrackers® filter
b)With LysoLys filter

Photos Erick Phonesouk INSERM U1220 IRSD

Our LysoLys probes are used for labeling and tracking acidic organelles in living cells and more particularly lysosomes. They penetrate inside cells by endocytosis and effectively label lysosomes at low concentrations. Our probes are non, or weakly, cytotoxic, don’t show any alkalinizing effect, allowing studies over several days. They also resist to aldehyde fixatives.

Chromalys offers 2 Lysomarkers (LysoLys 525 and LysoLys 650) which can be imaged at two different wavelengths according to your needs. Encapsulated within a mineral silica shell, used dyes have outstanding resistance to metabolic and chemical degradation.

* For instance you can disperse 3mg of particles in 3ml of glucose water, then dilute (1/10 to 1/50) this mother solution in your culture medium
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