In vivo Tumor Targeting

In vivo Tumor Targeting 2017-11-14T15:38:46+00:00

The use of tumor markers is intended to improve diagnostics accuracy for in vivo studies and for cancers treatment . Indeed, these kinds of probes allow to locate the tumor, and to study its evolution during a treatment, for example.

To meet this need, Chromalys proposes two tumor nanoprobes: LumiLys 780 and MultiLys 780 T, supplied functionalized with PEG (for a non-specific negative control), PEG-COOH or PEG-Avidin (others functionnalizations are possible on demand) to allow you to conjugate easily any molecule, protein or antibody specific to the studied pathology.

* For instance you can disperse 3mg of particles in 1ml of glucose water to prepare 5 x 200 ml of injectable solution
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All products are sold as dry powders.

On demand:

– LumiLys 670 probe (based on cyanine 5 dye, more suitable for mixed use microscopy / imager)

We will grant you a free 3 mg sample for each initial order

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