Fluorescent Cell Tracking

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Cancer cells (HT29) labeled with LumiLys 780 observed by fluorescence over 21 days

Photos Alix Vignolle INSERM U 1220 IRSD

To understand phenomena involved in a pathological process, it is often useful to monitor movements of targeted living cells and to locate them with non-cytotoxic specialized probes. The latter must be available in a fluorescence wavelength range fitting lasers and filters of instruments for in vivo optical imaging in small animals.

This need is satisfied by our LumiLys 780 nanoparticles specifically designed for in vitro labeling of various cell types (cancer, stem, immune) before their in vivo injection/transplantation allowing monitoring for several weeks.

Indeed, encapsulation of several hundreds of fluorescent molecules (Cy7) within a mineral silica shell improves the brilliance of our nanoprobes and protect them from photobleaching and other chemical or metabolic degradations.

* For instance you can disperse 3mg of particles in 3ml of glucose water, then dilute (1/10 to 1/50) this mother solution in your culture medium
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– Transfer protein coating (accelerates endocytosis)

– LumiLys 670 probe (based on cyanine 5 dye, more suitable for mixed use of microscopy and imager)

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